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About Us

Welcome to UniBooks!

UniBooks.co.uk is the brain child of a University of Manchester Business graduate who, after struggling to find and sell their own textbooks, thought there must be an easier and less expensive way to find what they were looking for.

There’s no escaping the fact that textbooks can be expensive. And, as most students take multiple modules, each needing their own textbooks, the cost for each semester alone can easily add up to treble figures.

It can be difficult to find second hand textbooks whilst studying. Student Unions can sell books on the student’s behalf, but the stock is limited and books are snapped up quickly. Students may end up having to buy some books brand new which are really expensive.

Upon graduating selling books can be equally difficult. Advertising them on notice boards and even on online sites isn’t as successful as it could be due to how specific the books are. Lots of books that are worth money are just gathering dust at home due to an illiquid market.

Students sharing their frustrations found that many of their peers were in the same boat. Thus having identified that there was a demand for second hand text books, and an opportunity to be the ‘supply’ in the supply and demand model, UniBooks.co.uk was born (with help from The Prince’s Trust).

With PayPal providing a secure payment system, students can source or sell their textbooks safely. Plus the site also allows students to deliver on campus to students at the same University cutting out postage and packing fees altogether.

UniBooks bridges the gap between students looking to buy and those looking to sell textbooks and is the go-to-site for savvy students, both past and present. If you have textbooks you no longer need and want to make some extra cash, or are looking for a textbook but don’t want to spend many times more just for a new copy, check out UniBooks.co.uk.

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