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Up above, the sun shone down. Bright and strong. In the still air, its rays looked like long white fingers stretching in the sky. A cloud drifted by. Lazy. On its fluffy, white belly. It hid the sun behind it.

The cloud reminded Serena of the time she went swimming and learnt how to float. First on her front, face down in the water. Then on her back. She wondered what it saw, floating past. Did it see her? She waved both her hands at it, then let her arms collapse on the grass. Maybe she looked like a star, lying in a sea of green. The only star the cloud could wish on.

If it had a wish, Serena thought, it would be to take her with it on its adventure. Together, they could travel the world. First, they would fly over Egypt and say hello to the mummies in the pyramids. The next stop would be the Amazon rainforest! She could swoop down into the trees and play with the monkeys. Last would be her house, in the middle of the street, where Serena would wave at her parents from on top of the cloud. She giggled and rolled onto her stomach.

Sat on a blanket, her mother smiled at her. ‘What are you laughing about?’

Serena rested her chin in her hands, and swung her legs up. ‘Something funny. I imagined something in my head.’ She looked up, squinting. The sun was out again, and the cloud had moved on. It moved so quickly. ‘Bye-bye, cloud.’ She waved. Next time, they could start their adventure together.

Serena watched her mother taking out a container of sandwiches from a bag. She crawled onto the blanket.

Next time, she would pack some sandwiches for the trip too.

Submission by Shakela Begum

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