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How To Combat Homesickness At University

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Adapting to a new environment, lifestyle and a completely new social circle, you’re most likely to suffer from University homesickness at one point or another. You won’t be alone though as University homesickness is normal and you should remind yourself that even though it doesn’t seem like it, the homesickness won’t last forever. Adapting to a new environment and leaving your family and friends behind takes its toll on almost all new students. Read through some of these top tips below from Essay Writing Service UK, on how to combat homesickness and ensure you start making the most of your University life.

Meeting New People

Embracing your new adventure and putting yourself out there to meet new people is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do but also the most rewarding, and the most important when combatting homesickness.

There are plenty of ways of meeting new people at University. From signing up to new activities, hobbies and sports, to volunteering at your Students Union, getting involved in campus events and socialising with your house mates, give yourself as many opportunities as possible to make new friends.

Stay In Touch With Loved Ones

You’re feeling homesick for a reason and that’s because you’ll be missing your loved ones from home. It’s important to call and speak to those family and friends but not too often so that you become dependable on them.

You should call them every so often, perhaps visit once a month and get them to come visit you in your new surroundings. Since they’re most likely your closest support network, you should let them know your worries and talk about your issues, as talking about your problems always helps.

Make It Feel Like Home

Make your new environment feel like home by decorating and personalising your bedroom and living space. You could put up pictures of your family and friends on the wall and bring some comfort items from home such as bedding, blankets and pillows.

Invigorating your senses by your surroundings is great for increasing positivity and productivity. This can be done by incorporating brighter and more cheerful colours into your bedroom accessories, and you might have a certain scent that reminds you of home so candles and diffusers are great for lifting your senses. Although they might be a bit costly, house plants are very aesthetically pleasing and also purify the air we breathe so are just good for general wellbeing. Perhaps all of your house mates can club in and buy a house plant for the living room?

Stay Fit And Healthy

Keeping active and eating a balanced diet is vital in maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing. Getting involved in a sports club or starting a fitness regime with your house mates is a great place to start! You should aim to have two to three hours of physical activity per week but you should also get out and about for some fresh air whenever possible.

Although you’re on a budget, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is important. There are plenty of cheap and healthy recipes out there which are designed specifically for students, even just popping to your local charity shop you’re probably likely to find a recipe book. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore either, you can have fun cooking with your houses mates and there might even be a cooking class society at your University that you can get involved in.

Stay Positive

Staying positive can be challenging when you’re already feeling quite sorry for yourself and really missing home, as lack of motivation can really kick in. Inputting positivity and practicing gratitude on a daily basis can really help improve your state of mind and help keep you positive. Whether this means taking ten minutes out of every day just to sit and think to yourself, or jotting down some bullet points at the start of your day, think about these key things:

  • Appreciate that you have access to higher education and you’ve done really well to get where you are
  • Be grateful that your family and friends support you in your new adventure
  • Be kind to your peers and make new friends

In conclusion, if you do a few (hopefully all) of these tips, you’ll get over that homesickness quicker than you thought and you’ll get to experience University life like you had imagined.

There will always be people to talk to as well, as talking about your problems is better than keeping them hidden away and pretending that nothing is wrong. Whether it’s your support network or talking to a student counsellor at your campus, make sure you get the help you need.

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