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Settling In To Life As A Student


Settling into life at University happens quicker than you ever thought possible. All those pre Uni nerves which you tried to brush off should have now disappeared with student life now becoming the norm. Although you don’t personally know everyone in your student accommodation, by now you would have made quite a few friends (some who may become lifelong friends!) Planning those nights out and trips to the student union are most probably high on the agenda at the moment, but don’t forget to spare a little time for your studies!

For many of us, this is the first time living on your own and supporting yourself. It’s worth popping into the local shopping centre to see if there are any part time jobs available. Not only can you then earn some spending money, but many retailers offer their staff some great discounts on products, which can in turn help keep your costs down – so don’t forget to find perks of the job out!

Having made your student pad as homely as possible, you may realise that you are missing a few practical essentials that your parents insisted you would need. Examples being a Fridge Freezer locker to stop your lovely roommates from helping themselves to your food at two o clock in the morning. Also a Robe to keep you snug on those typical student days when you can’t be bothered to get up and just want to slouch around. An Electric Blanket is also handy with the cold winter days fast approaching. For any additional essentials, shop now on UniKitOut & use discount code UBBLOG and get 10% off.

Lastly, with your new found friends and busy student life don’t forget to spare a few minutes to call your family, it really will make their day!

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