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What Students Should Know About ISBNs

First of all what is the ISBN number (actually its just ISBN)? It stands for International Standard Book Number – so ISBN number would mean International Standard Book Number number! Anyway, the ISBN is your book’s unique code. Fun fact: ISBN used to be 10 digits until the end of 2006, but since 1st January 2007 they are now always 13 digits. On UniBooks.co.uk, when selling a book, ISBN-13 is preferable. However either will suffice.

All book databases use ISBNs to track books. Publishers, online and offline booksellers and libraries use them for ordering, listing, sales records and inventory control purposes.

Ever thought of writing your own book?! “101 Fresher Fails and How To Prevent Them” seems like it could be a bestseller. If you do end up publishing here are 3 reasons why you should have an ISBN:

1) ISBNs are standardised across the globe, they don’t differ from country to country like currency. This is to improve import and export of books worldwide. Good news for your potentially international sequel “202 Ways Students Procrastinate and How To Solve Them”.

2) Most retailers require ISBNs to track book inventory. Without an ISBN, your best selling books won’t be found in most book shops, either online or down the road from your accommodation. Purchasing an ISBN is your initial step to guarantee that your book is not lost in the wild.

3) Purchasing an ISBN enhances the chance your books will be discovered. Buying your ISBNs and enlisting your titles on MyIdentifiers, guarantees data about your book will be put away in the BooksInPrint database. This opens up a universe of potential outcomes that your book is recorded with numerous retailers, libraries, and online reading stores like Google Books and Apple’s iBooks.

P.S. Comment below if you’ve ever considered writing a book, and what you would call it!unibooks.co.uk ISBN "isbn number"

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